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Grocery Stores, Drug Stores, Major Retail and Discount Merchandisers

We supply you with FREE Unlimited POS register rolls
The benefits of working with Tape Traffic LLC

FREE POS register rolls. In most cases this can save most Host Vendors $100 to $800 per month per location!.

Your own FREE promotional ad to generate return traffic to your store location. For every round (250 rolls) you have approx. 50,000 free ads.

Connecting community! As a Host Vendor your helping small businesses gain valuable exposure.
Their coupon offers brings more traffic back to your store from word of mouth. Your customers LOVE coupons!

Tape Traffic LLC manages all major store chains through Tape Traffic Logistics LLC a management system that pays the store, manages the advertising traffic, communications, and distribution of the register rolls for each store.  To learn more go to

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