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Perfect for any Sales Person, Realtor, POS rep, Insurance Agent, Advertising Rep, or Promotional Products.

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We are always looking for sharp sales persons, part or full time. Our Opportunity is very unique and we have no sales quotas, no sales lines to memorize. 
We do offer a very successful 90 day training program, that if followed, insures your most likely success with us.
We look forward to hearing from you soon...Coffee is always on us!

1. Watch the video
2. Study this page
3. Try the demo at bottom-see for yourself how it works!

How Spin 15 works and pays you REPEAT SALES  and 6 Figures!!!

When was the last time you got a restaurant receipt with Ads on the back??

Spin 15 gives every small business the opportunity to have their own coupon Spinning on the back of all their receipts!
This encourages customers to come back sooner! 


The same ad is also spinning in 14 other businesses for 3 months!
​31,250 receipts total!
This is just a handful of businesses generating receipts for customers!

Fast Food Chains
Dry Cleaners
Shoe Stores
Eye Care Centers
Fitness Centers
Health Food Stores
Coffee Shops
Package & Shipping
Clothing Stores
Book Stores
Printing Stores
Italian Restaurants
Hair Salons
Computer Stores


Brewery Bars
Burger n Grill
Travel Agency
Furniture Store
Carpet Sales
Chicken Chains
Fish Chains
Body Shop
Auto Repair
Oil Change
Salon Schools
CPA / Taxes
Giftware Shops
Hardware Stores 


Pets Stores
Dog Salons & kennels
Toy Stores
Fabric Stores
Craft Stores
Baby Stores
Bath & Body Stores
Candle Stores
Mens Clothing
Jewelry Stores
Tire Stores
Cell Phones
Cell Phone Repair
Specialty Grocery
Beer / Liquor Store
Appliance Sales
Appliance Repair


How you get paid... 
Each business pays for a  3 month supply of Register rolls  and their ad spinning in 10-14 other businesses...They agree to renew 3 x or pay for 4 quarters...$395 per quarter!
14 businesses pay you $5530.  You earn from 35% up to 45% of the gross revenue or average $2200 per round sold!
10 Rounds Spinning x $2200 = $22,000  x 4 renewals (4 quarters) = $88,000
Most major markets can easily grow to many times that or 30-50 Spin 15 rounds spinning per year!

Become a Sales Manager and earn even more!

If your territory is available you may qualify to purchase a protected licensed territory. (Certain restrictions may apply)

Each market we pay out bonuses, sales trips, incentives, and paid conferences...make money and have fun! 

Each Spin 15 round has your phone number or the Sales Manager's !  The leads and calls come to your team...not the company!

Keep in mind....


We offer free training, videos, support, sales materials, order forms, business cards, weekly phone call ins, webinars, samples, incentive programs, & leadership training seminars.

Join our sales teams,  Sales Management, 
or Own a territory as a Territory Markerting Director


1.14 businesses are spinning receipts! That turns into 31,250 unique customers that see the ads...AND..the ad to the left! 

2."Spin 15" customers read this code, register to win gift cards from our merchants-advertisers, ...AND...we capture their info in the process!

3.We then as an added BONUS send out text coupons to "Spin 15" registered customers with offers from "Spin 15" merchants!  

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